Musee Bath Balm


Relax with Musee’s Therapy bath balm line, designed to help you soak the troubles of life away and leave your skin feeling hydrated and renewed!

Dreamweaver: Lull yourself to sleep with the soothing waters of calming chamomile and lavender buds- a wonderful way to end the day

Forever Young: Experience the renewal of a jasmine and lemongrass bath as rosehip and jojoba oils bring youthful clarity to tired, dull skin

Oh What a Night: Soak in the swirls of spearmint and milk bath while detox salts clarify your skin of impurities

Just Breathe: Soothe yourself in a vitamin filled bath and find comfort as eucalyptus waters restore your fatigued body

Let’s Get it On: Awaken your senses with this santal and patchouli soak as it excites you for new beginnings

Peace Train: Take a ride on the Peace Trainwith soothing scents of bergamot and frankincense to relax your mind

Kokomo: Take it slow with Kokomo as fresh coconut, jojoba and vitamin E oils brighten your day with an island retreat

You Are The Best Thing: Take some time to relax and remember that you are unique, one-of-a-kind, and a gift to this world. Featured Ingredient – Milk Bath Milk bath is the key ingredient in this bath balm. Milk bath can make your skin feel softer and smoother because of the natural exfoliants like lactic acid. Fats in the milk cling to the skin creating a silky, but not oily, feeling.

Golden Hour: Let organic honey hydrate your skin and create a radiant and beautiful glow!

Moon Dance: It’s a marvelous night for a …….. warm bath. Find rest and relaxation as you soak in chamomile and neroli waters. Embrace the aroma of blue jasmine and violet as you prep your mind and body for sleep.

Daydreamer: Spark creativity as you treat yourself in this tangerine essential oil and cucumber extract bath. Dream abundantly as you soak in the fresh scents of honey and mint.

Magic Moment: Reflect on the magic in your life in this rose hip oil and clary sage essential oil bath. Enjoy the beautiful fragrances of fresh garden rose and wild geraniums.

Beautiful Day: Find inspiration with the beauty of a new day as you relax in a bath filled with scents of cucumber and fresh florals.

Natural ingredients, handmade in the USA, paraben and sulfate free!


Let It Snow, Moon Dance, Let's Get It On, Daydreamer, Peace Train, Kokomo, Beautiful Day, Oh What a Night, Forever Young, You Are The Best Thing, Golden Hour, Magic Moment

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