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About bukit

We developed the idea of bukit in the midst of a pandemic that had driven us from the local shops we had come to love and frequent.  We truly wanted to continue to shop local and support our community, but the dramatic events of 2020-2021 reluctantly forced us into online shopping with the large ecommerce sites and faceless big box stores.  We knew that the local business owners were struggling to make ends meet, so we devised a plan to help get their products onto an online marketplace and into the hands of their loyal local customers in a convenient and timely way.

A key focus of bukit is to support locally owned businesses by helping them sell online and deliver their products the same day, while at the same time boosting their business goodwill through effective advertising and promotion.  

For customers, bukit provides a convenient, online shopping and delivery experience that will help you and yours shop local favorites with ease.  Keep it in your community and Shop bukit.

All Our Best,
Jessica & Nicole

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bukit has taken “shop local” to a whole new level for businesses and customers.

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