Black Sneakers PAWks Dog Socks


Protect your pooch from injuries caused by slipping and sliding with a pair of fashionable anti-slip dog socks that look like sneakers!
Look of a black sneaker
Soft quality cotton
Anti-slip traction sole
Original RC graphic pattern

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Why We Love It:
Solve the slipping concerns of older dogs and those with hip and joint problems with this sporty-looking solution! Keep younger dogs from safe as they’re careening around corners indoors and protect your floors from scratches too!

Dogs can have the look of tennis shoes in the comfort of a sock with the Black Sneakers PAWks Dog Socks! These sporty sneaker style socks feature a black and white pattern with faux laces.

These dog socks feature a rubberized anti-slip paw print on the bottom to give your pup traction on slippery surfaces such as tile, slate, wood floors, and polished concrete. Your dog will love the new-found confidence he or she will have with these original and functional dog socks.

These socks feature 95% breathable cotton and 5% Spandex for stretch. Trim the nails for the best fit and to prolong sock wear.

Dogs may prance when first wearing PAWks. Distract your dog with their favorite toy or treat until they get used to their new footwear.

These dog socks are also helpful for protecting paws from excessive licking and chewing. They also help keep your dog from scratching themselves. Great for allergy sufferers! Use with supervision.

PAWKS by RC Pet Products are a BaxterBoo staff favorite! Let us help you with any sizing questions.

Care: Machine wash using a mild detergent. Wash with similar colors.


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